Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy Khmer Christmas

How could I let this time of year go past without wishing all my blogging buddies a very happy Khmer Christmas I will try not to gloat as I apply the sun [and mossie cream so no where is perfect]and .
As Christmas Day is on a Saturday my fellow volunteers  and I do not have to use any annual leave to enjoy a Khmer Christmas.
Plans for the day so far:-
At about 8 with my pal Chris and a bucks fizz or two
12 00 Lunch at Khmer Surin with 12 or so other volunteers
1600 A river boat trip up the Mekong [Tonley Sap] to watch sunset
2100 SYKPE David and Sally celebrate with a drink or too
Hope my liver is up to all this!!
Thanks to every one who has sent me cards real and electronic and pressies particularly my old buddies at Y&H SHA who have pulled out all the stops to send me some Christmas cheer and I have to say they are the only parcels to make it through so far so at least I will have some thing from Father Christmas to open on Christmas morning Bless you especially Kim who organised it all and in the midst of yet another NHS reorganisation will we never learn!!!.
Special love and good wishes to Kath and Heather I am thinking of you both
Thank you to every one who is being so kind to David and Sal in my absence they are both still so supportive even though it is hard for them and I am really looking forward to seeing them in February.
I really hope that you all have a very Happy Christmas and New Year
See you in 2011 keep tuning in


  1. Merry Christmas from a cold Letchworth. Hope that you enjoyed/are enjoying your day. Sounds lovely.

    Pat & John

  2. Dear Pat and John
    I had a lovely Christmas free from the commercialism and razzamatazz you get in the West despite being a Buddhist country I felt that the spirit of Christmas was alive and well in PP A Christmas I will never forget
    Hope you enjoyed your day Happy New Year